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Memorial Donations

On behalf FOA Families of Addicts, words cannot suffice to express the heartfelt sorrow that we feel for the passing of your loved ones. Please accept our condolences and may our prayers help comfort you and your family. Thank you for thinking of FOA in such an emotional and difficult time.
Gabriel Paul Dailey ~ July 7, 1972 ~ September 15, 2015 


Anthony Joseph Gonnella ~ July 15, 1974 ~ June 6, 2015 


Victor Joseph Brinkman ~ April 1, 1970 ~ November 20, 2015 


Joshua Barnett ~ September 30, 1982 ~ June 26, 2016 


Travis Andrew Hampshire ~ April 13, 1985 ~ September 17, 2016 

Shelby Zornes ~ December 4, 1995 ~ December 8, 2016 

Colton Logan ~ May 1, 1992 ~ August 31, 2017 

Thomas Kuntz ~  June 27, 1980 ~ September 28, 2017 
Kevin “Robbie” Krug, II ~ July 3, 2018 ~ Forever Age, 35
Health A. Bailey ~ May 2, 1992 ~ May 23, 2018 
Anna Ashleigh Cassel "Anna Mae" ~ July 6, 1991~ August 24, 2018
Morna Lunderman ~ July 20, 1950 ~ September 1, 2018 
Heather Ann Drinkard ~ March 30, 1992 ~ March 31, 2019
Austin Frank Andrasik ~ November 24, 1990 ~ September 14, 2019
Donny Lee Bishop ~ December 25, 1980 ~ October 27, 2019
Hannah Porter ~ August 16, 2020 ~ Forever 20
Patti Jenkins ~ November 11, 1941 ~ March 6, 2021
Matthew Taylor ~ December 2, 1994 ~ January 27, 2022

FOA Foundation a 501c3 non-profit corporation

During the last year, Dayton, Ohio has been labeled the overdose capital of the United States. We are tragically losing 192 people a day in the U.S. to accidental overdose. The numbers are frightening. Parents are terrified; afraid to leave, afraid to come home, afraid to even answer the phone. 



FOA has a unique support system that focuses on success, hope and solutions. You are not alone.

FOA rebuilds families and transforms lives through the 3 E’s; Educate, Empower and Embrace. Through weekly support meetings in various Ohio counties, navigation, one-on-one phone support and outreach opportunities, FOA is a sought-after and respected resource in the Miami Valley. FOA is unique because we provide support for the entire family and advocate for individuals to find their face and voice, which is key to eliminating the stigma associated with addiction.

FOA is proving every day, that treatment is available and that people are getting better. See our stats here



  • Weekly meetings for all who are affected or curious about addiction and recovery

  • Creates a culture of understanding, respect and compassion 

  • Provide strategies for family support and obtaining and sustaining recovery  

  • Create an atmosphere that promotes the sharing of lived experiences of addicts and those affected by addiction

  • Disband myths and negative stigmas about addiction and recovery


  • FOA helps to expose people that have found and are living in recovery by creating pathways to connect them

  • Encourage a culture of transparency through messaging and modeling

  • Advocating for recovery resources when a person does not have the ability to advocate for themselves 

    • Act as advocate and liaison between the person and the resources

  • Annual FOA Rally 4 Recovery

    • To unite the people and resources of the Miami Valley

    • Eliminate the stigma associated with addiction 

    • Educate about addiction and recovery

    • Celebrate and show that recovery is possible and that it works!


  • Networking to build and maintain relationships with the (some under marketed) resources in our communities

  • Families are slow to find the proper resources with the current system, FOA fills that gap

  • Expedite recovery solutions and resource engagement

  • FOA is not financed by any treatment facility or resource, therefore our guidance is not influenced by funding or other assistance

FOA fills many of the gaps in our current system and improves the quality of life of those we touch. Because we know that you can't do it alone, we plan to continue growing and fighting for individuals and families affected by addiction. 

Will you help us continue to work for this very important cause?

for more information:

Anita Kitchen 

Executive Director

Checks can be mailed to:

FOA Foundation

425 N. Findlay St.

Dayton, OH 45404


FOA is a non-profit 501c3 corporation. Please contact us if you need additional information.

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The FOA Mission

To educate, empower and embrace families, friends and individuals struggling with addiction by providing support and promoting recovery. 


The FOA Vision

Become the model organization, empowering individuals and families along the continuum of addiction and recovery.

FOA Foundation Board Members

2021 FOA Board of Directors:

President: Sandy Woodruff

Vice President: Paul Wise

Treasurer: George Humerick

Secretary: Lori Yuppa

Shane Manson

Becky Walsh

Renena Hale

Jill Bucaro

Jennie McConnaughey

Executive Director: Anita Kitchen

Founder: Lori Erion

Proud Member

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