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FOA makes families better.


To educate, empower and embrace families, friends and individuals struggling with addiction by providing support and promoting recovery.


Become the model organization, empowering individuals and families along the continuum of addiction and recovery.


Families of Addicts (FOA) is a non-profit organization in Dayton, Ohio that educates, empowers and embraces families, friends and individuals struggling with addiction to rebuild families and transform lives. 

As we say goodbye to this year and move forward toward 2019, we would like to thank our donors, sponsors and volunteers for allowing FOA to serve our families and communities for the last four years. In 2018, we supported a total of over 7,000 families, friends and individuals touched by addiction in our weekly meetings alone, however, our work did not stop there. 


"FOA changed my life and my families' lives at the time when I was using (opiates). It was the one thing I looked forward to doing with my mother and for myself that was positive. It helped our relationship and helped me understand her, and her understand me. FOA helped me in so many ways and never gave up on me when I was struggling in active addiction. Now I can say I am in recovery and owe a portion of it to FOA."

Kevin, Individual in recovery


  • Served over 700 new families, friends and individuals at FOA weekly meetings in five counties

  • Supported over 400 people via telephone, email and text providing guidance and resources

  • The FOA Birthday Blessings Hardship Fund helped 19 members facing a financial barrier totaling $4,763

  • Held our 5th Annual FOA Rally 4 Recovery on August 26 – over 3,000 attended with 62 resources on hand

  • FOA has a significant overall positive impact on over 40% of the people attending weekly meetings

  • 77% of our attending members report that FOA has significantly improved their performance in the workplace

  • Over 50% of people attending FOA report that it took ONE meeting to feel relief

  • Over 70% of families report they have better communication with their affected loved one after attending FOA regularly

  • Distributed 124 Narcan kits from the Dayton FOA site, and another 122 between our other four FOA sites

  • Over 12,000 hours were dedicated by 234 FOA volunteers

  • 25 local media appearances to create public awareness, education and hope

  • 2 national media appearances where FOA was stated as making progress and being part of the solution to decreasing the overall 2018 overdose numbers


  • Received Business of the Year award from South Metro Regional Chamber of Commerce

  • Board member Sandy Woodruff received the Gussie Jones Civic Award from the Beavercreek Chamber of Commerce

  • Founder Lori Erion was named Architect of the Week from Maria Shiver Media

  • Guidestar Gold Level Seal of Transparency

  • Networked with over 30 community partners

  • Started a new FOA site in Van Wert, Ohio

  • Attended over 60 community outreach events with volunteers and materials

  • Partnered with Public Health Montgomery County to develop and implement a Fentanyl Test Strip Pilot Program

  • Acquired three software programs to aid in scheduling, automation and communication

  • Hired Executive Director, Anita Kitchen

  • Employed an AmeriCorps VISTA part time employee

  • Served a total of over 20,000 families, friends and individuals since the first meeting on November 6, 2013

  • Completed three trainings: Facebook Coaching, Motivational Interviewing, Conflict Resolution

Our plans to help more families

Our families need your support.


Most families come to us broken in search of peace and solutions. 

Families report that after only one visit to an FOA weekly meeting, they feel relief.


All charitable contributions are used to continue delivering our mission and achieving our vision. In 2019, we plan to develop three additional programs:

FOA Navigator Network

Warm line manned by volunteers to provide support and resources to those that reach out to FOA including follow-up and outcomes

Employer Education and Connection

Companywide lunch and learns and employee opportunities to receive one-on-one support at the employer location by the FOA Navigator Network team

Develop framework for FOA expansion

to other Ohio counties

Checks can be mailed to:

FOA Foundation

425 N. Findlay St.

Dayton, OH 45404


FOA is a non-profit 501c3 corporation. Please contact us if you need additional information.

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