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Offering Support, Friendship and Education

FOA Family of Addicts ~ Offering support and understanding to the people of Dayton, Ohio and the surrounding communities whose life has been affected by the devastating disease of addiction. Through support, friendship and education, we create a naturalbond with our peers, crossing our paths and intertwining our lives in a way that may not have happened otherwise. This disease has no prejudice and does not play favorites. It can come upon any family and into your home at any given moment.

ONE helping another, to help another. Through the sharing of our experiences, strength and hopes, FOA provides peace for the families, and a path of recovery for the addicted.

WE welcome addicted loved ones to attend, as they can help us and we can help them, no matter what their place is in their journey. All are welcome to attend with an attitude of willingness, open-mindedness and honesty.

If addiction has found its way into your life, please consider joining us at our weekly meeting for support, friendship and education.

Lori Erion

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