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Kristen Johnston Says IT Best

This video says what I want to say to all the people of Dayton, Ohio about addiction. FOA has joined the Many Faces 1 Voice movement because this is the kind of awareness I am bringing to this area and hopefully beyond. This video says what I want to say, only better. And Kristen is far more notorious and credible than I for sure. :-).

My daughter, April has done what Kristen has done. We published her blog telling her story. It was shared and posted to Facebook. Those who may have been quick to judge her before (including publicly on Facebook and Instagram), may have a new awareness of what this devil disease is really about. About how the people addicted, are REAL people.The families are REAL families. Regular people who would have never dreamed that his would become a part their everyday life. She has received many encouraging comments about choosing to put her story out there.

Since it has become a part of ours, I chose to use this "negative" situation for something positive, to help other people step out and come to terms with their own situation. Whether it be family, friends, or the addict themselves. A few have reached out to April and disclosed a problem. THIS IS SO GREAT! Progress already. If FOA can help only one person see that being addicted, or being a family of an addicted loved one (ALO) is not something to be ashamed of, but an opportunity to help and get educated, then we have won a small part of the whole war. But I want to win the WHOLE war, because that is how I am, and I usually get what I want if I work hard for it.

If you can relate to any of this, check out our weekly meeting and help yourself, to help others. We need to create our own movement! This is what I want for FOA and the people of Dayton, Ohio. Please help us by sharing for awareness

How about FOA sharing for awareness for the "movement" name?

Let me know your thoughts.

Hope you enjoyed the video.

Lori Erion

#familiesofaddicts #kristenjohnston

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