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Lost Soul ~ Forgiven

God has really worked a miracle with me , its still amazes me daily when looking at these old pictures! Cant believe i thought I looked good now i know i look good and love myself. My life is far from perfect , but its pretty darn good today. I have a beautiful wife , awesome son, great family support and a wonderful church that's all been a huge part in my life and recovery. My son has never seen daddy messed up or in a visiting room. I'm showing this so people will know that we do recover from anything , you just have to want it bad enough and work for it. Thank you everyone that never gave up hope and loved me through the madness , now im just trying to pay it forward by being a positive example and helping those still struggling . Most of all i give thanks to God for giving me a chance to make a difference. Hope this can encourage someone to pick up a phone and ask for help!!!!

Jason Buckley

#addictionfoa #dayton #recovery

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