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And this is why FOA has a rally every year!

About this picture taken at the 2nd Annual FOA Rally 4 Recovery:

"This was myself (Sherry Barbro), my Fiance and our grand kids and we were all in the moment and emotional because their mother is addicted to heroin and we decided to fight this addiction together as a family for her and all other addicts and we joined our hands together and made that vow to pray and hope for recovery for all who suffer!"

When I asked if I could use the pic and her words: "Sure you can and you may use my name anytime. It's what's in my heart and my fiance and grandchildrens. The rally really touched all of us and helped the kids tremendously!"

What Sherry says about FOA:

FOA does help families! Come to a meeting and give it a chance! You are not alone if you are a family member who has a loved one suffering addiction, come together to help your self and others. If you are an addict you are not alone! Come give FOA a chance to help lead you in the right direction! It takes you and God and tremendous will power to beat this, but always know you can do it and have all of us as your support!

The rally this year was held at Courthouse Square in Dayton, OH on August 30, 2015.

This is a testiment that FOA truly reaches the ENTIRE family. We must push on to take FOA to the next level to include a peer to peer support program and a recovery community center!

FOA does make a difference for the whole family.

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